Fantasy Top Volume Jumps as Crypto Twitter NFT Game Adds 40 New Heroes

Fantasy Top took over Crypto Twitter last week. Now, with a huge update shipping, the game has seen a jump in player engagement. 

Late last night, Fantasy Top’s official Twitter announced a jam-packed week for fans of the social media game, including a reworked scoring system, a huge prize pool, and a newbie-friendly tournament. 

Most notably, however, over 40 new NFT heroes are being added to the game, including crypto-degen-turned-boxer Barneytheboi, founder of the Sappy Seals NFT collection wab.eth, and pseudonymous crypto investor LilMoonLambo.

Crypto influencers are turned into NFT cards called heroes for Fantasy Top, which is built atop Ethereum layer-2 network Blast. The influencers get a percentage of their cards’ trading volume, as well as part of the total pack sale revenue. Gamers can then purchase these cards to play in fantasy football-style tournaments against others.

In the past 24 hours, Fantasy Top trading volume has jumped over 51%, with the amount of buyers also climbing by 14%, according to DappRadar. Travis Bickle, the pseudonymous creator behind the game, claims that it has seen 67,000 active users in the past week, and 140,000 over the month so far since the May 1 launch.

Bot or not?

Shortly after the launch of the game, influencers started complaining that players were artificially inflating their numbers, which was affecting their personal social media goals. Content creator Jenn Duong specifically condemned those doing this.

A new scoring system has been introduced, aiming to curb the influence of bots that were artificially boosting account engagement. On top of this, the original heroes are having their stats slightly tweaked and frequent posts will no longer be put at a disadvantage. 

On Tuesday May 14, the second main tournament will begin with 333,333 Blast Gold on the line. If analyst predictions for the price of Blast Gold are correct, then the total prize pool for this week’s competition could exceed $3.3 million—a larger prize than the previous tournament.

If your squad isn’t cut out for the big leagues, then on Thursday, May 16, a “common cards only” tournament will take place that will have an as-yet-unrevealed “additional tweak” to promote fairness. The prize pool for this tournament has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, some cards have begun to sell for huge valuations. A legendary Jenn card sold for 13.37 ETH ($40,000) while a common Travis Bickle sold for 0.49 ETH ($1,495). As a result, the game saw a boost in cumulative revenue earned, according to a Flipside Crypto dashboard.

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