Fall Fashion From Renowned Skate Brand, DGK

If there’s any cool kid brand, it has to be DGK, a skateboard company turned fashion powerhouse co-founded by pro skateboarder Stevie Williams—best known as one of the most influential skateboarders of all time—and Troy Morgan of The Kayo Group.

The brand takes your regular hoodies and steps them up. They’re not only affordable (most items are under $100), but they’re super comfortable, and have designs that are not only stylish, but inspiring. DGK is known for their collaborations with creative leaders like Virgil Abloh, Bruce Lee, and brands like Kool-Aid and G-Shock, and fuse together fashion and pop culture in ways that no other brand has done before.

Their fall collections are stylish and cozy. One of these collections is called the Cry Later Collection, which uses the comedy and tragedy masks from the theater world to capture our day to day ups and downs. The hoodies, sweatpants, plaid shackets and ski masks are in an ochre yellow, black, white and red. The collection consists of an autographed Stevie Williams board, various fleeces, caps, socks, and classic shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with embroidered phrases that say” Laugh now, cry later.”

Their fall collection also includes the Divine Collection, which has items with phrases like “Stay Blessed” and “Pray For Me.” It uses decorative, religious touches like red flowers, praying hands, and the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe alongside these phrases.

Their Chaos Collection is another new drop for fall 2023. It includes green-hued hoodies and sweatpants that say “FTW” with a cartoon icon of the globe, and a beanie with embroidery art that ties into DGK’s tongue-in-cheek graphics with a street aesthetic. One of their top highlights, however, has to be their Cultivators jersey jacket in pastel mint green, though.

Meanwhile, their Holiday 2023 Forever Collection features the Guadalupe Black Hooded Bomber Jacket, with the phrase “From For those who came from nothing and became something.”

They also have a trucker jacket with Our Lady of Guadalupe, and a hooded fleece that says “Stay True” with roses and a skull, calling to mind the kind of art we would see in a tattoo design.

Lastly, their Classics Collection has new renditions on their traditional logo styles. Their basics include a navy hoodie with the DGK logo, is the perfect fit for a run. Their t-shirts this season come in various solid hues, from red to blue and black, and their traditional beanie has a wraparound logo.

When Williams first founded DGK in the 1990s, he wanted to honor the legacy of his original skateboarding crew.

In a recent interview, Williams explained his motivation for first founding DGK. “I wanted all the kids out there that are going through adversity and struggle to know there’s someone out there that sees them and knows what they’re going through,” he said. “DGK is for them, taking a negative and turning it to a positive.”

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