Dollar General Store Closes After Entire Staff Quits on Same Day

A Dollar General store in Wisconsin had to temporarily shut down after the entire staff quit last week due to a “lack of appreciation,” including low pay and an “immoral” food donation policy, per a note left on the door.

In photos of signage posted on the windows of the Mineral Point, Wisconsin, Dollar General, the employees cite that the “whole team” (six employees) decided to walk away, thanking the customers.

“We can not and will not work for a company that does not stand behind in true honest form of what they want the world to see them as,” the notice reads. “Although we love and adore our customers we must take a stand for the community and not allow Corporate Greed to [continue] preventing people in need of the help they need and could receive.”

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Dollar General said that the store was closed for only about three hours on Saturday before reopening at 11 a.m.

By Monday, the store was working with a full staff of new and transferred workers.

One former employee, Trina Tribolet, said that she only had one weekend off since Christmas and alleged that the store only donated food to local pantries according to “very specific guidelines.”

“We’re throwing away coffee that’s not expired but it’s close. Or you’re throwing out a box of Lucky Charms that you know there’s a whole world of kids who would love to eat those,” Tribolet told local outlet Spectrum News 1. “But you can’t donate them out, because you’re supposed to throw them away. There have been tears that have been shed … It’s sickening, and it’s saddening, especially for someone that has morals.”

In response to Tribolet, Dollar General told the outlet that it’s continuing to follow the Feeding America guidelines.

“The Mineral Point Dollar General store has donated nearly 7,500 pounds of food to local food banks such as Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin over the past twelve months,” the spokesperson told the outlet. “Food safety is a top priority for Dollar General and Feeding America members, therefore, DG stores are required to follow Feeding America donation policies.”

Dollar General did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

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