Dogfish Head Wants To Fix Your Flubbed Wedding Speech In New Promotion

Did you flub your speech as the best man or maid of honor? If so, there’s a perfect contest for you.

Dogfish Head has partnered with comedian and comedy writer Abbi Jacobson to give failed Wedding party toasters a second chance to improve their speech. The contest, “2nd Shot to CRUSH the Perfect Toast,” will give one lucky winner personalized help and coaching from Jacobson to revise their speech. They’ll also give the winner a year’s supply of Dogfish canned cocktails to toast whatever and whomever they want all year long.

“When it comes to giving a wedding toast or crafting your favorite cocktail, we can all understand that oftentimes we might need a second shot,” said Dogfish Head Founder & Brewer, Sam Calagione, head founder and brewer at Dogfish Head. “The contest is Dogfish Head’s way of offering one lucky drinker a chance at redemption.”

Botched toasts can be entered through July 31 by tagging @DogfishHead in a picture or video detailing your botched toast, using Instagram in-feed or Stories, and #weddingtoastfail. Drinkers can also enter by voicemail by just giving the folks at Dogfish Head a ring at 302-212-5563, where they can leave a message detailing any failed speeches.

The idea for the contest was inspired, at first, by the two shots of spirits inside every can of Dogfish Head canned cocktails. Sometimes, as Calagione says, people need a “second shot to mix the most delicious masterpiece possible.”

That got the folks at MullenLowe, Dogfish Head’s public relations agency of record, and its internal public relations team thinking about what else do people need a second shot at? And specifically, what do people need a second shot at during the summertime, which coincides with the increased demand for canned cocktails?

One idea that the team realized was almost universal was the failed speeches people have seen at weddings. Videos using the hashtags #weddingfail or #bestmanfail have received more than three million views on social media alone.

After coming up with the concept for the promotion, the brand then worked to identify a partner the idea that fit Dogfish Head’s casual, comedic and somewhat offbeat brand voice; someone who could help the brand amplify the contest, says a brand spokesperson. Abbi Jacobson, the team says, fit the concept of the contest perfectly, especially because she is willing to put her talented writing skills to work on the winning toaster’s speech.

“Dogfish Head’s ‘2nd Shot to CRUSH the Perfect Toast’ is something we can all relate to – I mean, who hasn’t witnessed a flubbed wedding toast or two,” says Jacobson. “And just like Dogfish Head, I think everyone deserves a second shot, both at redemption and in their cocktail.”

In announcing the contest to her followers on Instagram, Jacobson says that she and the lucky winner are “gonna win ‘em back, win ‘em over and rue the day that horrendous speech came out of your mouth!”

Jacobson says she’s honored to play a role in helping the lucky winner revise their speech, and she’ll plan on raising a toast with Dogfish Head’s Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush canned cocktail.

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