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Digital Ally Static on University Security Order

Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) shares were unchanged Wednesday. The manufacturer and marketer advanced video recording products and other critical safety products for law enforcement, emergency management, fleet safety and event security, announced a notable order for multiple FirstVu Pro body-worn cameras, EVO-HD in-car systems and QuickVu docking station to be deployed campus-wide by Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

This order, along with a recent deployment by the University of Kansas, reflects the versatility of utilizing Digital Ally’s video solutions technology outside of traditional law enforcement applications, and the growing demand from university officials as they increasingly focus on campus security.

“We’ve been a customer of Digital Ally for many years,” said Ronnie Grice, Chief of Kansas State University’s Division of Public Safety, adding “We continue to trust Digital Ally’s innovative technology, dependability and service levels as we strive to enhance the safety and overall experience of students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

The order comes on the heels of the Company announcing several notable law enforcement orders and patents, as well as the addition of its InterVu Room solution. Digital Ally continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and a world-class video solutions ecosystem with the FirstVu Pro body-worn camera, EVO-HD in-car system, InterVu Room system, EVO Web and QuickVu docking stations.

DGLY shares closed Tuesday at $2.12.

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