Digital aftersales check-ins up 11% for Tjekvik

Demand for self-service aftersales solutions continues to rise with over 1.7 million customers choosing to check-in their vehicles digitally in 2023 – either at home or at the dealership.

New research by Tjekvik of dealers using its technologies highlight how an increasing proportion of customers are choosing to avoid queues, particularly during peak times, by using digital solutions before service, repair and MOT.

Tjekvik’s technologies, used by dealer groups including Group 1, Hartwell, JCB and Vertu, enable customers to check in and check out their vehicles at a time and place convenient for them, either at home using a mobile-optimised site, or at dealers via tablets and touchscreen kiosks.

Last year, over 1,600 dealers globally used Tjekvik’s digital self-service solutions as part of their aftersales offering, up from 1,010 in 2022 – a rise of 58%. Tjekvik processed 6,257,935 digital self-service appointments and 2,867,009 self-service interactions globally, up 54% and 44% respectively compared to 2022.

A total of 1,784,498 customers chose to check-in their vehicles from home, with 23% (872,736) choosing to use the in-showroom kiosks. Dealers that adopted tablet devices to aid customers in dropping off their vehicles processed over 19,000 digital check-ins. Over 163,000 customers used the kiosks to check out their vehicles.

While these increases are partly a result of Tjekvik’s growth, with 580 additional dealers adopting its technologies throughout the year, it said they also the growth in customers opting to use digital solutions as part of the check-in process when that service is offered. The best performing dealers averaged 988 home check-ins and 905 kiosk check-ins per month in 2023.

Last year, Tjekvik introduced its updated Outdoor kiosk, designed to deliver a seamless check-in and check-out solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over 27,000 customers checked-in their vehicles using Tjekvik Outdoor during 2023, up 52% on 2022 interactions.

Throughout 2023, over 154,000 customers in the UK opted to purchase additional products and services during the digital check-in process, totalling over £5.8million worth of revenue.

The Tjekvik solution also helped dealers retain customers, with over 103,000 enquiring about service plans for their vehicles. Sales departments also benefitted, with over 95,000 UK customers using digital self-service to request valuations on their vehicles, providing sales teams with valuable leads.

UK dealers made an average of £10,000 from selling value added products and services during 2023, with the top 10 earning an average of £59,000 during the year. The most popular products sold were air conditioning services, top-up fluids, key fob batteries and protective equipment.

Christian Mark, CEO and co-founder at Tjekvik, said: “These solutions were originally chosen by early adopters; those dealers keen on showcasing their digital capabilities. As omnichannel retail experiences continue to attract customers, and dealers see the benefit from increased revenue and enhanced working efficiencies, we look forward to supporting even more aftersales departments make the digital switch.”     

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