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Democrats Pounce After Trump Screws Republicans On The Border

Trump screwed Republicans on the border deal, and Democrats have seized on an issue that looks to be moving toward them.

Democrats Say Trump Handed Them The Border Issue

The New York Times reported:

But in the final 10 days of the race, an analysis from AdImpact, the media-tracking firm, showed that Democrats were actually airing more ads than Republicans on immigration, with Mr. Suozzi’s campaign running clips of an appearance he once made on Fox News in which he was introduced as “one of the Democrats” backing I.C.E., the immigration enforcement agency.

“We have now made the border an issue where Democrats are on their front foot, whereas before all this happened, we were on our back foot,” Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, said in an interview on Wednesday. Trump almost handed us the issue on a silver platter when he said he didn’t want to do it for political purposes after saying the border is an emergency.

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Trump Screwed Republicans On The Border

Democrats ran more ads than Republicans about the border in the New York special election, and they now have a powerful argument to make that they tried to pass a border security bill, but Donald Trump and his Republican congressional minions blocked them.

The argument is that voters who want to see the two parties cooperate and get something done about the border should vote for Democrats because Republicans have already shown that they are not willing to cooperate and solve the problems that the American people care about.

Trump gifted the border issue to Democrats, all because he wanted to run on it during the general election.

Donald Trump will run on the border in the fall, but Joe Biden and Democrats will be able to blame him for the ongoing issues because the former president killed the border deal that would have dealt with the issue.

Republicans had an issue they thought would work in the fall, but Trump’s selfish strategy may have ruined it.

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