Defender 110 tops customer conversions in March

The Defender 110 was the most desirable new car on Auto Trader in March, driving and converting more enquiries than any other model.

The Defender accounts for 6% of all total brand-new car enquiries sent to retailers in March to date, despite accounting for just 1% of the new car stock currently on Auto Trader. 

The Defender’s not the only model within JLR’s stable of brands grabbing buyers’ attention in March – also featuring on the current top 10 list, is the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, accounting for 3% of total enquiries respectively.

As a collective, the JLR brands are converting more advert views into retailer enquiries than any other marque; despite accounting for only 6% of all brand-new stock advertised on Auto Trader, it’s generated nearly one-in-five (17%) enquiries so far this month.

Premium hatchbacks also driving interest

It’s not just premium 4x4s driving interest, however, so too are premium hatchbacks.

The Volkswagen Golf is currently the second most in demand new car model on Auto Trader, which also accounts for 6% of enquiries month to date.

While it converted slightly fewer leads in total than the Defender, Auto Trader’s data reveals that the Golf turned significantly more heads over the period, receiving nearly 130,000 advert views in just three weeks, which is two and a half times more than the Defender, and more than any other model in March.

Of all the new models making the top 10 this month, Auto Trader said the Honda e:Ny1 deserves extra recognition for its huge uptick in consumer engagement on Auto Trader.

Compared with the same period last month, the all-electric family SUV recorded a 19% 

increase in advert views, and a massive 684% boost in the number of enquiries sent to retailers.

Auto Trader said the e:Ny1’s uptick in consumer interest could be down to its level of affordability on finance, with monthly PCP prices below £200, helping it to take around 11% of all new electric car enquiries in March, which is more than any other electric model (see table below).

The importance of affordability in driving consumer engagement for brand-new EVs is further highlighted by the fact the e:Ny1 is followed in popularity by the MG MG4 (accounting for 6% of all brand-new EV enquiries), and Peugeot E-208 (5%), all three of which are among the more affordable electric cars on the market.

What’s more, based on electric models alone, seven in 10 of the top 10 brands currently generating the most enquiries are volume marques (see table below).

Of this list, BYD is also deserving of recognition; in just six months the volume of advert views on Auto Trader for the Chinese brand has rocketed by over 131%, while enquiries have increased by 82%.

Since mid-2023, in response to improving levels of supply, brands have introduced more offers and finance deals to stimulate consumer demand, particularly for their growing array of electric models.

While the average discount applied to petrol and diesel models has remained relatively stable, increasing from 6.5% to 8.2% and 5.7% to 5.9% respectively between March 2023 and 2024, for electric vehicles, it’s increased from 4.9% to 10.9% over the same period.

Ian Plummer, Auto Trader’s commercial director, said: “The Land Rover Defender is truly one of the most iconic automotive models, thanks to its British legacy which dates back to 1947, and until recently, a largely untouched design that has attracted everyone, from royalty to farmers.

“Contrary to recent speculation, we continue to see huge demand for it on our marketplace for both brand new and used models alike.

“March remains the key new car sales month, so it’s reassuring to see such positive engagement on our marketplace, which given its scale, serves as a good barometer of potential market performance.

“A visitor who looks at new cars on Auto Trader who then submits an enquiry, typically goes on to order and take delivery.

“Since our new car metrics are growing at a pace that’s ahead of recent sales data, we can expect to see a positive flow through into deliveries in the weeks ahead.”

Most in demand new car models on Auto Trader in March ranked by enquiries – all fuel types:

screenshot 2024 03 27 at 104028 w555

Rank Make Model Share of stock Share of advert views Share of enquiries
1 Land Rover Defender 110 1% 1% 6%
2 Volkswagen Golf 2% 3% 6%
3 Land Rover Range Rover 2% 3% 3%
4 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2% 2% 3%
5 BMW 1 Series 2% 2% 2%
6 BMW 5 Series 1% 2% 2%
7 Honda e:Ny1 <1% <1% 2%
8 MINI Hatch 3% 1% 1%
9 BMW M3 1% 3% 1%
10 BMW X5 1% 2% 1%


Most in demand new car brands on Auto Trader in March ranked by enquiries – all fuel types:

screenshot 2024 03 27 at 103834 w555

Rank Make Share of stock Share of advert views Share of enquiries Share of enquiries
1 Land Rover 6% 9% 17% 6%
2 BMW 14% 24% 16% 6%
3 Volkswagen 8% 7% 9% 3%
4 Audi 6% 10% 7% 3%
5 Hyundai 5% 3% 4% 2%
6 Honda 3% 2% 4% 2%
7 Peugeot 3% 3% 3% 2%
8 Skoda 4% 2% 3% 1%
9 MINI 6% 3% 3% 1%
10 MG 5% 2% 3% 1%

Most in demand new car electric models on Auto Trader in March ranked by enquiries:

Honda e:Ny1

Rank Make Model Share of stock Share of advert views Share of enquiries
1 Honda e:Ny1 2% 2% 11%
2 MG MG4 7% 4% 6%
3 Peugeot E-208 3% 2% 5%
4 Audi Q4 e-tron 5% 4% 4%
5 Audi RS e-tron GT 1% 2% 4%
6 BMW i5 6% 6% 4%
7 Toyota bZ4X 3% 2% 4%
8 MG MG ZS 5% 2% 4%
9 Hyundai IONIQ 6 4% 2% 3%
10 Porsche Taycan 2% 4% 3%

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