Council launches procurement for £500m of tools and plant

Kent County Council is looking to acquire £500m-worth of construction equipment.

The local authority published an official notice on 18 August, heralding a six-lot framework covering the purchase and hire of machinery, plant and tools.

The first section of the agreement focuses on the buying of grounds-maintenance equipment including tractors, ride-on mowers and cherry pickers. It is expected to be worth £100m over four years.

Under the second lot, also estimated at £100m, plant such as bulldozers, diggers and dumpers would be purchased.

The third panel would provide attachments including breakers, pallet forks and steel shears, under a £50m agreement.

Site accommodation and equipment would be bought under the £100m fourth lot, with examples including floodlights and modular buildings.

Hand tools such as drills, nail guns and saws are covered by the fifth pot, expected to be worth £50m.

Finally, all of the equipment listed above would be hired under the £100m sixth lot of the framework.

Companies have until 27 October to request their participation, as part of the procurement process for places on the framework.

Kent County Council may open up the use of the framework to other public bodies.

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