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Cardio Hikes on Results Reveal

Shares in Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDIO) were higher Monday. The company, a leader in the next generation of precision cardiovascular medicine technologies that combine proprietary AI algorithms with epigenetic and genetic biomarkers, today announced the publication of results from a budget impact modeling study for PrecisionCHD™, the Company’s AI-powered multiomic coronary heart disease detection test.

The peer-reviewed study “The Use of Precision Epigenetic Methods for the Diagnosis and Care of Stable Coronary Heart Disease Reduces Healthcare Costs” published in Advances in Therapy, reported that the use of PrecisionCHD can significantly reduce the cost of secondary prevention for stable coronary heart disease (CHD) by up to $113.6 million per year for a typical health insurance plan with one million members.

PrecisionCHD is an AI-powered multiomic DNA test using epigenetic and genetic biomarkers to aid in the detection of stable CHD. This blood-based test evaluates six DNA methylation and ten genetic biomarkers and uses a proprietary machine learning model to interpret the genetically contextual methylation signals from these biomarkers. The sensitivity and specificity of this test are 79% and 76%, respectively, with the clinical validation study in collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics being recently published in the Journal of American Heart Association.

CDIO shares climbed three cents, or 4.3%, to 72 cents.

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