Car dealer Bridgend clocks up 1,200 years’ service thanks to 55 loyal staff

Bridgend Motor Group is marking a significant milestone as it commemorates 1,200 years of combined service from 55 exceptional team members.

The Ayrshire based-business said its long-standing contributors, whose dedication ranges from 10 to an astonishing 45 years, have become its bedrock.

“In a striking testament to Bridgend’s enduring commitment, an impressive 22% of the team has steadfastly been a part of the Bridgend family for over a decade, contributing significantly to the company’s success,” it said.

To acknowledge their commitment Bridgend annually organises special events. What began as a modest gathering in a small restaurant with just a dozen people has evolved into a grand staff dinner hosting over 50 people held in a prestigious hotel.

“Bridgend expresses gratitude to these long-serving team members, affectionately known as Bridgend Veterans. Their unparalleled commitment and wealth of experience have played a pivotal role in shaping Bridgend into the thriving business it is today,” it said.

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