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Biden White House Drops Some Economic Reality On Fox News

Jared Bernstein, the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, went on Fox News Sunday and laid out what the Biden administration is doing on the economy to help people.

Bernstein said after Fox News Sunday played a video of a woman who claimed that she was economically struggling:

President Biden likes to say, don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative. So I just took you through five minutes of everything we’re doing to try to help precisely that person and everybody like her, whether it’s raising real wages, keeping the job market tight, bringing down inflation, lowering costs of gas, of groceries. What do we hear from the other side? Tax cuts for rich people giveaways to big Pharma, you know, helping wealthy tax cheats evade taxes to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. That’s who they’re fighting for. She is who we’re fighting for and we’re going to keep doing it until we reach her.


The big question is what are Republicans planning to do on these issues. As Bernstein pointed out, the answer is nothing. The Republican answer is to cut taxes for the rich, make healthcare more expensive, and take health insurance away from 40 million people.

Trump and no one in his party have laid out how they will handle inflation, and let’s face it, the negativity being felt about the economy is not about jobs or wages. It’s inflation, and Republicans have no plan to bring inflation down. Reducing government spending won’t lower inflation. Cutting taxes for the rich will raise inflation.

Republicans have no plan and no interest in the issue.

If inflation keeps falling, the angst that Trump and the GOP are counting on for 2024 won’t be there. As it stands, Biden is in decent shape to be reelected because the alternative that Republicans have put forward is Donald Trump.

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