Biden Had A Hilarious Reaction When He Saw Marjorie Taylor Greene At The SOTU

Cameras caught President Biden having fun when he saw Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in her Trump gear at the State Of The Union.

Watch President Biden react to seeing Greene:

Biden gave Greene the same expression that an adult gives a three-year-old who stands in front of them and then jumps up and says, “boo!

It was a great night for the President at the State Of The Union, and any viewer could see that he was having a blast as it took him roughly 9 hours from the time he entered the House floor to make his way to the dais because kept stopping to talk to everyone and take selfies.

Later, Greene tried to heckle President Biden during his address, but he was ready for her. Rep. Greene looked like some sort of MAGA rally escapee, and her attire did not fit the occasion. As a member of the press, when covering the President we have a dress code, and a t-shirt and a baseball cap would not be allowed into the venue as a credentialed reporter.

Biden seemed to enjoy the exchanges with the congressional Republicans in what was a very energetic and fun State Of The Union.

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