Biden Deepfake Robocall Traced Back To Dean Phillips Consultant

A consultant working for the Dean Phillips campaign has been identified as the source behind a deepfake robocall of President Biden during the New Hampshire primary.

Who Was Behind The Biden DeepFake Robocall In New Hampshire?

NBC News reported:

A Democratic consultant who worked for a rival presidential campaign paid a New Orleans magician to use artificial intelligence to impersonate President Joe Biden for a robocall that is now at the center of a multistate law enforcement investigation, according to text messages, call logs, and Venmo transactions the creator shared with NBC News.

Paul Carpenter says he was hired in January by Steve Kramer — who has worked on ballot access for Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips — to use AI software to make the imitation of Biden’s voice urging New Hampshire Democrats not to vote in the state’s presidential primary.

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There is no evidence that the Phillips campaign directed Kramer to make the call, and the Phillips campaign said that they would never work with Kramer again.

Even though Biden wasn’t participating in the primary and never set foot in  New Hampshire, he crushed Dean Phillips as a write-in candidate. The creator of the AI file says that he had no idea how the file would be used, and he came forward to warn people about the dangers of deepfakes and how easily they can be created.

Logic and common sense pointed to someone trying to help the Phillips campaign as the source behind the deepfake, but what we don’t know is if Kramer, who worked on Kanye West’s 2020 presidential campaign, will face criminal charges in New Hampshire.


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