Biden Campaign Rips Trump For Fake Black Voter Outreach

The Biden campaign hammered Trump for holding a black outreach event that they described as a “noticeably empty event in front of a white audience.”

The Biden campaign responded to Trump’s attempt to attract black voters in a statement:

True to form, Donald Trump rolled out his long-awaited “Black Americans for Trump” coalition in front of a noticeably empty and white audience — naturally alongside a list of lies and misinformation about his record of failing Black Americans.

Biden-Harris 2024 Director of Black Media Jasmine Harris said, “Donald Trump thinks the fact that he has ‘many Black friends’ excuses an entire lifetime of denigrating and disrespecting Black Americans, but Black voters know better — and Trump’s eleventh hour attempt at Black’ outreach’ isn’t fooling anyone. Black voters haven’t forgotten that this man entered public life calling for the death penalty for the innocent Central Park 5 and entered political life spreading racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama. We haven’t forgotten that Black unemployment and uninsured rates skyrocketed when Trump was in the White House. And we sure haven’t forgotten Trump repeatedly cozying up to white supremacists and demonizing Black communities to his political benefit – because that’s exactly what he’ll do if he wins a second term. Black voters sent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House in 2020, and they’re ready to make Donald Trump a two-time loser in 2024.”

Trump’s campaign allegedly brought in white people to fill the seats at his black outreach event. 

Republicans keep trying to push a man who has a history of racism as a person who should appeal to black voters. Trump was sued for housing discrimination because he refused to rent to black people. Donald Trump is not someone who will view the interests of the American people as a priority.

Trump pretends to have the support of black voters. Joe Biden’s biggest concern should not be that black voters will flip to Trump but that they will stay home and not vote if the President does not do significant direct outreach and show that he is the candidate best to represent their interests over the next four years.



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