Biden Campaign Exposes GOP’s Mifepristone Intentions By Pointing To Project 2025

In a call with reporters ahead of the Supreme Court’s Mifepristone hearing, the Biden campaign and surrogates cut through the GOP smokescreen by pointing to Project 2025.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez pointed to Project 2025 as a comprehensive plan to take reproductive freedom and Mifepristone away from women,  “Trump’s close advisors and allies have publicly released a comprehensive strategy to rip away access to reproductive health care, including banning medication abortion and restricting access to contraception, without the help of Congress. The President and Vice President are the only candidates who believe that reproductive health care decisions belong to women and their doctors – not politicians or the government. These are the stakes in 2024 and we’re going to continue to make sure that every single voter knows it.”

The campaign was pointing to Project 2025, which is the comprehensive Trump presidential transition and policy plan that lays out how Trump and his allies plan to take reproductive freedom away from women and impose a national abortion ban without an act of Congress.

Later a reporter asked how Democrats can counter Republicans not seeming to have a unified plan on abortion.

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Reproductive Freedom for All President Mini Timmaraju said, “Number one just for clarification a 15-week abortion ban is still an abortion ban and as we showed in Virginia Americans hate abortion bans. They will not fall for it if they
will not stand for it so we need to be really clear we know how to beat back a 15-week abortion ban and it is a ban and there’s no room for quote compromise on this issue number one number two you know with or without unanimity in the GOP if Trump gets elected he can still push through a national abortion ban without Congress
that was the point of talking about Project 2025 the Comstock Act,  and all the other plans they have. Imagine how much more damage they could do in four years if allowed to continue.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was also on the call and she warned about what Republicans in Congress are targeting, “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are prepared to use every tool in their toolbox to control women’s bodies – banning abortion nationwide, ending access to IVF, and even attacking contraception access. We’ve seen what happens when Donald Trump and extremists get their way: 10-year-old rape survivors are forced to travel across state lines for care. Mothers, hoping for a baby, heartbroken when the pregnancy goes wrong, turned away from the emergency room and forced to wait until they are at the brink of death while doctors are barred from helping. Families, who have been wanting and praying that IVF can help them have a baby, saw Republicans in Congress block a bill to protect IVF.”

The Supreme Court hearing on the abortion pill is just the start. The Biden campaign is sounding the alarm that Project 2025 puts it all in writing.

The American people can’t afford to be fooled by more Republican double talk and smokescreens.  Republicans have put into writing exactly what they are going to do if Trump wins, and it is up to every freedom-loving American to stop them.

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