Avalanche Hoops Game ‘Rumble Kong League’ Nets Gatorade Deal

Rumble Kong League, an upcoming NFT-driven basketball game built on the Avalanche blockchain, announced a collaboration with leading sports drink brand Gatorade on Monday.

The deal makes Gatorade the official sports drink partner of the Rumble Kong League brand, and will be represented through various in-game integrations in the upcoming title. Gatorade parent company PepsiCo confirmed the collaboration to Decrypt’s GG, and the official Gatorade brand account on Twitter also retweeted the announcement.

Gatorade’s integration will begin with the addition of the “G-Machine,” a vending machine that lets players unlock digital collectibles—including wearable items—using G-Coins earned for completing quests. The G-Machine experience is available now on the project website ahead of the iOS and Android game’s planned launch this summer.

Players can wear the items while playing basketball in the “compete-to-earn” game, as well as when they are exploring the open city outside of the matches. The digital collectible sets include Gatorade-branded gear across the Vintage, Hydroslam, and G-Gear collections.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Gatorade to bring fun and innovative experiences to the global gaming community,” said Rumble Kong League CEO Nick Vale in a press release. “Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming while offering a glimpse into the future of fan engagement, where the lines between physical and digital worlds blur.”

Rumble Kong League has seen backing from NBA stars such as Paul George, as well as Steph Curry through his Penny Jar Capital venture capital firm. Curry has previously been involved with other NFT projects, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and LinksDAO, and was a spokesperson for crypto exchange FTX prior to its collapse.

The project originally released NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet, including profile pictures and digital sneakers, but announced last year that it would shift to Avalanche as its “scaling solution” for faster and cheaper transactions. According to a tweet, Rumble Kong League plans to let holders migrate their NFTs to Avalanche.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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