AM Live: How to create a digital and unified EV ecosystem

Delegates at this year’s AM Live will get some tips and advice on how to create a digital and unified electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem for customers that are making the switch.

Affinity EV, the automotive and energy technology company, will be offering advice and solutions, alongside automotive retail case studies and support from the energy industry stakeholders, as part of a special panel.

The session will explore how the current customer journey for EVs can be fragmented, particularly with post sale support with arranging a home charger, explaining public charging infrastructure and helping with smart home energy tariffs and how to reduce EV running costs as much as possible.

Currently EV sales are dominated by the fleet and new car market, but there will be a shift towards more retail customers and used EVs in time. This will mean a much tighter window to organise everything around charging the vehicle, particularly if the customer has off-street parking and is looking to reduce costs by installing a home charger and switching their home energy tariff.

This is in comparison to new EV fleet orders which generally have a longer window for delivery, particularly compared with used EVs from stock.

Raj Lyons Chohan, Affinity EV chief executive, said: “When we look at the EV buying experience at the moment, the journey for customers can be a fragmented one.

“Car manufacturers, dealerships, utility providers and home charger providers can all act independently.

“You need to be able to create an end-to-end journey in order to be able to offer a class leading level of service.

“How does a dealership do it? How do we connect this ecosystem?

“We want this to be a really interactive panel and hear from some dealership case studies on the panel and in the audience to hear where the big pain points are.

“Making that home energy journey seamless and part of that EV ownership journey is really important too.”

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