Airbnb Bans Indoor Security Cameras

Airbnb (ABNB) is banning the use of indoor security cameras in any property listed on its platform, citing privacy concerns.

The homestay and house rental company also announced new restrictions on outdoor cameras at listed properties and the use of noise monitoring devices.

Previously, Airbnb had permitted the use of indoor cameras in areas such as hallways and living rooms if they were disclosed by the property owner in their rental listing.

Airbnb also required that cameras be clearly visible and not located in sleeping areas or bathrooms.

But now, Airbnb is banning the use of all indoor cameras following a growing number of complaints by people renting the properties listed on its platform.

The camera ban and other changes come into force on April 30 of this year, the company said in a written statement.

Airbnb said it is doing away with indoor cameras to “prioritize the privacy” of its customers.

The company is also requiring that property owners disclose the presence and location of outdoor cameras.

Airbnb added that noise monitors used by property owners to prevent unauthorized parties also must be disclosed to guests.

Violations of the new policy will be investigated and penalties may include the removal of a property listing and/or suspension of a user’s account, said Airbnb.

The stock of Airbnb has risen 40% in the last 12 months to trade at $162.99 U.S. per share.

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