Access to NAR's Photofy Marketing Assets

interested in the NAR affiliate and association program?

NAR AFFILIATES AND STATE & LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS can now create their own custom-branded
galleries for the app, filled with templates and ready-to-share content for their members. Formatting
is available for virtually any digital output from Instagram Stories to Facebook Ads and our desktop
publishing portal provides transparency into content creation across users, including media value
estimates based on average user reach and engagement.

If you would like to see a custom-branded gallery for your organization,
please ask your CEO or Communications Director to book a 30-minute discovery meeting with Photofy
to find out more information.


Photofy marries branded content creation with personal networks in one easy to use tool.
By leveraging the connection and reach of employee and contractor networks, users can localize
and scale digital content creation.


Photofy helps brands build audience reach, personalization, and localization through community content
creation. With robust sharing capabilities and an easy-to-use platform, Real Estate Brokers and Agents
can leverage brand communications to employees and clients.

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