9dcc's First Full NFT Fashion Collection Is Designed for the 'Crypto Mob'

Connected fashion brand 9dcc, which already launched premium t-shirts and baseball caps paired with Ethereum NFTs that enable on-chain benefits, has unveiled its first full luxury fashion line. The 9dcc Collection 01 is set to debut this week in France.

Previewing at NFT Paris and then Paris Fashion Week in the coming days, 9dcc Collection 01 spans more than 60 items, including coats, pants, hooded sweatshirts, blazers, tank tops, boxer shorts, and beyond. The fall 2024 collection uses materials sourced from Italy, Japan, and the United States.

Each item has a sewn-in near-field communication (NFC) chip corresponding with an Ethereum NFT, which is used to prove authenticity and unlock community features and other functionality.

One such feature is the ability to have the creators—including pseudonymous crypto personality and 9dcc founder and CEO gmoney—digitally sign apparel and have it remain linked to the NFT in question.

Pieces from 9dcc Collection 01. Image: 9dcc

According to the company, 9dcc Collection 01 is targeted at the “crypto mob,” taking inspiration from “Yakuza street style to the charisma of timeless gangster cinema” and aiming to be worn by tech founders and their contemporaries.

“Targeting modern mavericks and ‘Zuck types’ who aspire to a formidable presence as they unveil innovative concepts, the collection appeals to ‘future gangsters’ who prefer subtlety over ostentation yet command any room with their presence,” reads an official description.

Pieces from 9dcc Collection 01
Pieces from 9dcc Collection 01. Image: 9dcc

9dcc will not only preview the pieces at this week’s Paris events but also offer attendees the opportunity to pre-purchase items in the collection.

“The essence of future luxury lies in convenience. Our vision for fashion is to bridge connections with culture, unlock new opportunities, and foster deeper interactions with our surroundings,” said gmoney in a release. “We’re charting a new course for how fashion houses engage with their audiences by venturing into a realm where the value of fandom surpasses that of mere transactions.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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