58 Captivating Haiku Examples for Kids (and Adults!)

Written in a 5/7/5 syllable count, traditional Japanese haiku are three-line poems that date back to the 13th century. Often incorporating images from nature, haiku became a direct and sometimes intense way to express ourselves. The simplicity makes it accessible to people of almost any reading level, making this type of poetry ideal for the classroom. Need some inspiration? We’ve put together this list of fun haiku poems for kids of all ages. Use these haiku examples to get everyone ready to write their own!

Haiku Poems for Kids

1. A Morning (Haiku) by Arun Bahadur Gurung

“Bees nudged the flowers …”

2. Haiku Year by Paul Holmes

“Delightful display
Snowdrops bow their pure white heads …”

3. Spring Is in the Air by Kaitlyn Guenther

“Spring is in the air
Flowers are blooming sky high …”

4. October’s Gold by Paul Holmes

“Like crunchy cornflakes
Gold leaves rustle underfoot …”

5. The Pink Summer Sphere by Suh Joon Kim

The Pink Summer Sphere by Suh Joon Kim “The chill, worming in…”

“The chill, worming in …”

6. Beaches by Kaitlyn Guenther

“Sand scatters the beach …”

7. Mellow May by Patricia L. Cisco

“Mellow, mild, May day …”

8. Autumn Love by Savannah M. Jones

Haiku Poems for Kids - Autumn Love by Savannah M. Jones

“Coolness fills the air …”

9. Snowflakes Haiku by Kaitlyn Guenther

“Snowflakes are our friends …”

10. Meteor Shower by Michael Dylan Welch

“meteor shower
a gentle wave …”

Haiku Poems for Middle and High School

11. In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound

In a Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound “The apparition of these faces in the crowd…”

“The apparition of these faces
in the crowd …”

12. The light of a candle by Yosa Buson

“The light of a candle
is transferred to another candle—”

13. Haiku Ambulance by Richard Brautigan

“A piece of green pepper …”

14. A Poppy Blooms by Katsushika Hokusai

Haiku Poems for Kids - A Poppy Blooms by Katsushika Hokusai

“I write, erase, rewrite …”

15. Summer Haibun by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

“the cool night before …”

16. After the Gentle Poet Kobayashi Issa by Robert Hass

“New Year’s morning—
everything is in bloom!”

17. Haiku by Etheridge Knight

“Eastern guard tower
glints in sunset; convicts rest …”

18. fallen leaves by John Brandi

“fallen leaves
the abbot sweeps …”

19. [The earth shakes] by Steve Sanfield

[The earth shakes] by Steve Sanfield “just enough…”

“The earth shakes
just enough …”

20. The bottoms of my shoes by Jack Kerouac

“are clean …”

21. [the snow is melting] by Kobayashi Issa

“and the village is flooded …”

22. Age Ten by Benna Crawford

“I don’t do dishes
My room is a garbage dump …”

23. Heaven’s Photoshoot by Imteyaz

“When I see lightning …”

24. Fishing With Grandpa by Shawn Sackman

“I feel it tugging
Hanging on—It must be huge!”

25. Family Love Is by Michele Meleen

Family Love is by Michele Meleen.

“Like the sun rises …”

26. School by Benna Crawford

“My homework is late …”

27. Japanese Hokku by Lewis Grandison Alexander

“Life goes by moving …”

28. [An ancient pond!] by Matsuo Basho

“With a sound from the water …”

29. Happiness by Benna Crawford

“I got an A-plus …”

30. Over the Wintry by Natsume Sōseki

Haiku Poems for Kids - Over the Wintry by Natsume Sōseki.

“Over the wintry
Forest, winds howl in rage …”

31. Haiku by Ray McNiece

“I shovel snow …”

32. Happy Birthday by Benna Crawford

“It’s your birthday but
Didn’t get you anything …”

33. [The faint shadow of the morning moon?] by Yone Noguchi

“Nay, the snow falling on the earth.”

34. [The cry of the cicada] by Matsuo Basho

[The cry of the cicada] by Matsuo Basho.

“The cry of the cicada
Gives us no sign …”

35. Blind Boone’s Apparitions by Tyehimba Jess

“my motto for life …”

36. Birds Punctuate the Days by Joyce Clement

the nuthatch inserts itself …”

37. Laundry by Benna Crawford

“Where are my clean socks?”

38. [A cloud of flowers!] by Matsuo Basho

“Is the bell Uyeno …”

39. 5 & 7 & 5 by Anselm Hollo

“follow that airplane …”

40. Nine Haiku by TC Tolbert

“I love the fully
inflated tire upright in …”

41. [’Twas the new moon!] by Matsuo Basho

Haiku Poems for Kids - [‘Twas the new moon!] by Matsuo Basho.

“Since then I waited …”

42. Christmas by Benna Crawford

“Santa is coming …”

43. Haikus by Willie Perdomo

“This evening’s Black sound …”

44. Conversation in Isolation by Harryette Mullen

“Neighbors nail the planks
dividing their yard from mine.”

45. Spring by Benna Crawford

Spring by Benna Crawford.

“Pale green shoots of grass …”

46. [Ah! the waving lespedeza,] Matsuo Basho

“Which spills not a drop …”

47. A World of Dew by Kobayashi Issa

“And within every dewdrop …”

48. Anger by Benna Crawford

“Tonight I’m a bee …”

49. Haiku [i am moving in] by Sonia Sanchez

Haiku [i am moving in] by Sonia Sanchez.

“air amazon woman bare …”

50. The Old Pond by Matsuo Basho

“Old pond
a frog jumps in …”

51. Lines on a Skull by Ravi Shankar

“life’s little, our heads
sad. Redeemed and wasting clay …”

52. O snail by Kobayashi Issa

“O snail,
climb Mt. Fuji …”

53. I want to sleep by Masaoka Shiki

I want to sleep by Masaoka Shiki

“Swat the flies …”

54. Winter Solitude by Matsuo Basho

“winter solitude—
a world of one color …”

55. I am nobody by Richard Wright

“I am nobody:
A red sinking autumn sun …”

56. Haiku (The low yellow …) by Jack Kerouac

“The low yellow
moon above the …”

57. Haiku (The Taste …) by Jack Kerouac

Haiku (The Taste ...) by Jack Kerouac

“The taste
of rain …”

58. Haiku [for you] by Sonia Sanchez

love between us is
speech and breath. loving you is
a long river running.

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