3 Takeaways on Entrepreneurship from O Positiv Co-Founder Bobby Bitton

This week, I had a phenomenal conversation with Bobby Bitton on How Success Happens. He’s the co-founder and CEO of O Positiv, a women’s health company that’s changing the game for issues like vaginal health and menopause. The company launched in 2018 with FLO PMS Vitamins and has released more than a dozen new products since then. I wanted to hear how the company took a niche issue like PMS and turned it into a brand that can support a woman through her entire health journey.

You can listen to my whole conversation with Bitton above, and I’ve pulled out three key takeaways.

Take seriously what others don’t

O Positiv was able to scale because there were huge parts of a women’s health journey, like PMS and menopause, which were going undiscussed. Bitton and his sister and co-founder Brianna tuned in to the concerns of the end customer and took seriously the 30- to 40-year span during which a problem like PMS is called normal. Those concerns became the launchpad for the business.

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Use your brand to meet the customers where they are

O Positiv’s brand messaging helped it sell out in its first two months because it married provocative ways of speaking about formerly taboo topics like PMS with science education that people need to hear to trust a product. A great product won’t earn customer attention, and earning attention without a great product won’t create a successful business.

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Learn from your customers

The ultimate test of success is not if something makes sense but if it works in the real world with customers. The O Positiv had many great ideas, but only some proved successful. From there came the operating principle to get real-world data as quickly as possible with minimal investment before doubling down on any “good on paper” idea.

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